When I (Elena here) first moved to the neighborhood, I looked into bringing a farm to the area. Last year, tired of buying tasteless fruits and vegetables, brought from far away, I asked my friend Betsy—whose family has homestead and small farm upstate—how to go about bringing fresh and local vegetables here. She suggested to contact Just Food.

Michele and I often talked about how much we’d like to have a farmers market nearby. So we met with Paula, the NYC/CSA program Manager at Just Food and with Zaid, our farmer to be.

Starting a CSA wasn’t going to be easy: it was already too late in season, ours wasn’t a neighborhood for organic produce, we needed—and still do—more organizers. Still, we decided to give it a try fantasizing all the way how nice it’d be to have fruits and veggies straight from the farm. We plastered the neighborhood with fliers, got published in a few e-zines, and sent hundreds of emails.

Two months later, the Ozone Park CSA was born. We didn’t have enough members to meet the farmers’ requirements but we’re able to come to an agreement (Thanks, Paula!). There will be challenges as we grow. But for now, our biggest is to increase our membership base to be able to move into the next season.

We appreciate our farmers’ commitment to bringing the freshest harvest every week, and hope ours is a lasting partnership. And we want to thank our members for their trust and support. Some have become organizers: Angel, who was able to get the Queens Chronicle to write an editorial on us and Kathy, who’s outreaching in Forest Hills. Others are helping at distribution and developing our online presence.

We’d love to hear from you. For more info and to sign up send us an email or give us a call—718.323.0793.

Spread the word, and enjoy the bounty!