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The hottest summer we have experienced in our 10+ years farming (global warming?) has made us rethink how we farm. We normally have very few days above 85F. We are already planting for the fall and winter in Norwich and, in about a week, at our new NJ location.

We started installing irrigation in our new fields. 3,000 feet of 4″ hose laid out going up hill in 90+ weather. There was a cold spring where the head starts for the irrigation and I was able to wade in the stream while awaiting for pressure readings 3000′ away.

Thank you for your moral and monetary support for Steve, who passed away last week. Haifa and many of our employees attended the funeral last Thursday.

– Zaid


The heat wave continues, and human and plants are suffering. Almost no plant, except for sweet potatoes, likes this extreme heat.
We are still in training mode as many of our employees are new, and the old ones are still rusty. The guys are having to take siestas and work earlier and later.

We had an unfortunate incident yesterday, Steve, one of the guys packing CSA shares died in an car accident. Today, the mood is somber on the farm.